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You may have seen Jon Rotheram's Esprit and Jon himself on our stand at The Lotus Show at Donington where Jon and Steven (Hibbert) often help out and display their cars.

Starting life as a 2000 V8 SE, Jon's car was bought as an insurance write off after a serious crash. Some work to do!

The Esprit was built from a completely bare chassis and the majority of the components have been upgraded to full racing specification. The majority of the upgraded components have been designed and made either by Jon himself or by PNM Engineering. The car weighs just over 1000kg's with fluids and 15 litres of Fuel.



This includes the following:

  • Rosejointed Suspension
  • Adjustable Dampers
  • Adjustable Anti-roll bars
  • 6 Pot Front Calipers
  • 4 Pot Rear Calipers
  • AP spec Discs and Bells
  • Bias Adjustable Pedal Box - Direct replacement for original
  • Deletion of ABS and Servo Assist
  • Full Multipoint Rollcage - Increasing torsional rigidity of chassis
  • Lightweight Body Panels
  • Gearbox Oil Cooler
  • Reworked cooling system - Larger Radiator, revised ducting etc
  • Uprated Wastegate Actuators
  • Deletion of Catalytic converters
  • Full length Undertray
  • Polycarbonate Windows
  • Interior stripped
  • Plumbed in Fire Extinguisher system
  • 6 Point Racing Harness
  • Dunlop Slicks and Wets
  •  Brakes






     Carbon Fibre


     Bodywork and Glass